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GlassFaced's Mission

At GlassFaced, we believe in cultivating beauty in every household and we aim to bring the experiences that restore youthfulness to every home.

Embark on a Journey Back to Radiance

Lift, tone, and sculpt your face and neck to improve cheek contour and remove all fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of minutes a day. Step closer to your youth, 5 minutes a day at a time.

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  • The Link Between Stress and Skin Health

    Discover the science behind stress-induced skin issues. Learn about the calming power of the GlassFaced microcurrent facial device, not just as a beauty tool, but as your personal de-stressor. This blog uncovers how incorporating GlassFaced into your routine can lead to better skin and a more relaxed state of mind.
  • Microcurrents: The Unsung Hero in Your Anti-Stress Arsenal

    Explore the dual benefits of microcurrent technology for both skin health and stress relief. Experience how the GlassFaced device offers a unique, soothing escape, contributing to a more peaceful you. This blog delves into the personal accounts of users who've found their "five minutes of heaven" with GlassFaced, promising both a brighter complexion and a brighter mood.
  • Reclaiming Youthful Vitality Amidst Daily Hustle

    Read about the importance of nurturing your inner self to reclaim a youthful spirit with the help of GlassFaced. The blog highlights how the GlassFaced device helps revive your skin's vitality, reflecting a more vibrant you. It encourages embracing a wellness tool that revitalizes both your appearance and your zest for life, amidst everyday challenges.
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